Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Minnesota Twins: Five Free Agent Options at the Keystone Corner

The Minnesota Twins need to improve the infield.

The club is set at first base and shortstop with Justin Morneau and J.J. Hardy, respectively.

Second base and third base, however, are both wide-open.

Nick Punto figures to be guaranteed a starting job at either of the two positions. As such, the Twins need to add just one more infielder.

Unfortunately, the free agent market—although still loaded with talent—has grown rapidly depleted when it comes to impact players.

The Placido Polancos, Adrian Beltres, Miguel Tejadas, and Mark DeRosas of the world have all signed deals elsewhere and the Twins find themselves still in hunt of an infielder with less than a month before Spring Training begins.

Today I’m going to take a look at five free agents who could potentially play second base for the Minnesota Twins next season.

Check out the slideshow at BleacherReport.com.

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