Friday, December 04, 2009

2010 All-Free Agent Team – National League

This year 171 players filed for free agency.

Of the 171 total free agents, 99 are from the National League and 72 are from the American League.

Unlike last year’s class of free agents, only a select few in this crop figure to land blockbuster deals.

In fact, an increasing number of teams are choosing to improve via trade or by promoting young talent from within the farm system.

As such, many of these veterans can expect to sign short-term and/or incentive-laden deals for 2010 and potentially beyond.

I’ve taken a look at all of the free agents left on the market and split them up into two 25-man rosters, one for the National League and one for the American League.

League affiliation was determined by whichever team a player finished out the 2009 season.

In an effort to keep things as realistic as possible, I’ve ensured that each team has a backup catcher, infielder, and outfielder. Additionally, both the NL and AL rosters have been given a 12-man pitching rotation.

These teams certainly don’t reflect an All-Star mentality, but rather they give a good indication of how weak this year’s free agent class can be considered.

It should be noted that some deserving players were left off of the roster due to position-eligibility concerns. As such, you’ll note some sketchy inclusions and unfortunate exclusions.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the NL All-Free Agent Team.

Check out the National League’s 25-man roster at



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