Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Albert Pujols: Finally Becoming the Face of MLB

Since entering the league in 2001, Albert Pujols has never been “the man” in Major League Baseball.

He has always played second-fiddle to the likes of Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and Manny Ramirez.

Not in terms of talent, mind you. Pujols plays second-fiddle to nobody between the foul lines.

Talent-wise he has no equal.

Rather, Pujols always seemed to come up short in terms of marketability, Q-rating, jerseys sold, or whatever ridiculous non-baseball statistic Bud Selig’s band of merry men have been using for years when deciding which superstar to push as the “face” of Major League Baseball.

Albert Pujols is a once in a lifetime talent. Every single thing he does on the baseball field only adds to his rapidly expanding legacy.

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