Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Francisco Liriano: the Kid’s Alright

Francisco Liriano has served many roles in the eyes of Twins fans.

In 2006, he was the second-coming of Johan Santana and part of a vicious one-two punch that would lead the Twins to the Promised Land.

In 2007, he was the missing piece on a team that failed to meet expectations.

In 2008, he was an early season bust who returned in August to help propel the Twins within one game of a division championship.

In 2009, he has been…well…maddeningly inconsistent and the villagers have stormed the castle with pitchforks and torches in hand.

Okay, the last one is a bit of exaggeration, but fans have definitely been calling for Liriano to be demoted to Rochester to work on his mechanics or to be jettisoned to the bullpen to work through his inconsistencies on the mound in big league situations.

In my opinion, we’ve got nothing to worry about.

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